I teach LOTS of classes and I love teaching.  Many of my classes are designs I have developed myself over the last 10 years as my own personal techniques.  I like FAST and IMPRESSIVE techniques in jewelry and fiber. In most of the jewelry classes you will leave wearing your new finished piece of jewelry that YOU made.  My students tell me repeatedly how many compliments they get on their new pieces of "wearable art".
     This page is for my students to be able to "shop" for the class they want to take.  If the class isn't on the current schedule, please email me to request it and I will get it on the schedule.  To make sure you are on the current email list to get the class schedule email me at  Class signup requires a deposit of 1/2 the class fee to hold your spot.
There is no other fiber technique as immediate and gratifying as nuno felting wool onto silk chiffon.  The resulting scarf will be one of a kind and show your artistic flair.  This is an all day class (usually 10-4) and you will make 2 nuno felted scarves, one simple and one more complicated!
Class fee $50  Kit fee $50
Kit includes wool, yarns, sparkle, hand dyed silk chiffon scarves and more These scarves are a $148 average value each!
Three hour session 
Wet felting wool into a purse is easy and requires no sewing.  You end up with a seamless bag that is one of a kind and designed by you with my guidance.  In the first part of class we will wet felt our purse and handle.  In the second part of class I will introduce you to needle felting embellishments such as the Koi fish and yarn to your bag.
Class fee $40 
Kit fee $40 Kit includes wool, sparkle and embellishments, as well as a needle felting kit so you have the tools to go home and felt your little heart out!
April 5 10-2
My whole felting obsession began with these needle felted animals.  Once you learn how to make the cat you will have the knowledge required to needle felt any animal your heart desires.
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $30
Kit includes wool, wire and a needle felting kit.

In this incredibly easy class you will learn how to "paint" with fiber.  We will create an underwater garden scene suitable for framing.
3 hour class
Class fee $40  Kit fee $30
Kit includes wool, embellishments
background fabric, lampwork Dr. Meow fish and a needle felting kit.  April 16  10-2
Learn how I created a beautiful sunset scene of Murano by making my own prefelts then wet felting them onto a purse, followed by needle felted details.
Prefelts are also great on nuno felted scarves.  We will wet felt a small piece so you can see how to apply prefelts and make them work for you.
3 hour class
Class fee $40  Kit fee $20
Kit includes wool and embellishments.
Many spinners are intimidated by art yarn but I am here to change that!  There is nothing more fun than creating your own one of a kind hand spun art yarn.  I will introduce you to my "salad toppings" and show you how to add all kinds of goodies into your beautiful yarn.  Bring your spinning wheel or call and reserve one of ours.
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $40
Kit fee includes 4 oz of gourmet fiber and a romp thru Dr. Meow's amazing stash of embellishments to use in your yarn.
This necklace is spectacular and looks like it took you days to make.  Dr. Meow shares one of her secrets showing you how easy it is to make.  You don't need to
know how to crochet, absolute
beginners do great and everyone
will finish their necklace and wear
it home!
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $75
Kit includes one of Dr. Meow's
amazing bead soup color mixes which includes Swarovski crystal,
freshwater pearls, gemstones,
lampwork beads and more.  It
also includes the wire, a clasp,
crochet hook and instructions.
This bracelet was created by Dr.
Meow to go with the wire crochet 
necklace.  We use the same wire
and bead soup but we knit this time!  This bracelet is more time 
consuming and a little more 
complicated than the necklace but
Dr. Meow will show you some tips
and tricks to make it easier.
3 hour class session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $75
Kit includes gourmet Dr. Meow
bead soup including Swarovski
crystal, freshwater pearls, gem-
stones and more, wire, knitting
needles, clasp and instructions.

Fine silver (.999 silver) is suprisingly easy to fuse into rings
and Dr. Meow calls it "no brainer" metalsmithing.  We will construct a bracelet of fused silver rings and also our own handmade toggle.  Dr. Meow will show you several other variations as well.  
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $60
(kit fee may vary depending on silver market)
Kit includes 1 oz fine silver, sterling silver jump rings, use of butane torch and basic metalsmithing tools.  
In this class you will learn a special technique Dr. Meow developed to look like "coral" with her lampwork glass seashells.  This is a needle weaving seed bead technique but is not hard, beginners welcome.  You will finish you pendant in class an wear it home!
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $60
Kit includes seed beads, crystals, freshwater pearls, sterling silver clip bail, sterling silver headpin, and large lampwork seashell by Dr. Meow, (your choice of many!)
This is a very good class for an introduction to bead weaving.  We will use Swarovski crystal, Soft flex and seed beads to make a bracelet an earrings.  This is one of Dr. Meow's favorite weaves for FAST results.
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $40
Kit includes seed beads, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver toggle, crimp beads and ear wires.
This is a beautiful variation of spiral rope that works up relatively quickly.  We will be needle weaving beads with Fireline.  This class is one that some students will not finish in class.  Dr. Meow will help you finish later if you are having trouble!
 3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $35
Kit includes seed beads, Swarovski crystals, pearls and a toggle clasp.  Upgrade to Swarovski clasp available for $20.  April 6  10-2
This technique is so fast and fun for encasing special gemstones, glass and shells.  Dr. Meow will bring a variety of stones to class for the students to choose from.
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $25
Kit includes gemstone or glass cabochon, fine silver wire, crystals and pearls.
April 18  10-2
You know Dr. Meow is all over any new Swarovski related technique!  Students will learn how to use this great new media to set Swarovski stones into a ring, pendant, earrings or purse compact.
3 hour class session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $45
Kit fee includes Swarovski crystals, base (ring, pendant, etc.), and DeCoRe media.
Hot glass is FUN!!!  Learn how to etch dichroic glass to create artistic images for pendants.  We will finish the pendants but students will need to return to pick them up the next day after a kiln firing.
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $25
Kit includes prefired dichroic glass piece and tools.
April 29  1-4p
This bracelet combines peyote stitch and branched fringe for  stunning beadwoven project.  Dr. Meow provides one of her lampwork flowers for each kit for the flower and loop clasp.  This bracelet will not be finished in class but you will learn everything you need to know to complete the rest at home.
3 hour session
Class fee $40  Kit fee $40
Kit includes 4 different types of Miyuki seed beads, Fireline, needle and lampwork flower.
Join Mary for a fun day of painting!  For this 3 hour workshop demonstration kitty will be painted on a 16x20 canvas using acrylic paint.  Mary will share her folk art kitty painting style and layered painting technique, and you may choose your own cat colors if you wish to purr-sonalize. Mary is known for her great whimsical style and is truly LOVED by Dr. Meow!
Class fee $40  Kit fee $20
Kit includes one 16x20 stretched canvas, chalk, plain tissue paper, 3 art brushes, 1 chip brush, sandpaper, use of acrylic and craft paints, decorative stamps, modge podge and water based gloss polyurethane provided by instructor.
Hand Sculpted Sea Turtle with Fran Barrett
This class is offered in 2 three hour sessions.  In session one Fran will show us her original sculpting techniques done by HAND to sculpt your sea turtle.  Fran will then fire the turtle and you will return in session two to paint your turtle!
Session fee $30 per session, Kit fee $15
April 15 and 22  2-5p
Lampworking Classes with Doretha Jones, Dr. Meow in person!
I love to teach and I am very enthusiastic about sharing the art of lampworking glass in the flame.  I have 8 torches set up in my studio and I am currently teaching beginner and intermediate lampworking classes on Saturdays 10-4p for $100 per session.  Once you have had the beginner lampworking class, you are then eligible to come to the Studio Night Club where we torch from 5-8p for $55 on Wednesday nights every 2 weeks.  Each studio night Dr. Meow will demo a few techniques she has developed over the years and picked up on a few trips to Murano, Italy!  We will also be hosting lampworking classes with guest artists from all over the world!  Make sure you are on our current email list to get all the updates and schedules! Beginner/Intermediate class April 21  10-4, Studio nights 5-8p April 4 and April 18
Beading 101
Dr. Meow will help you compose a bracelet or necklace from whatever materials you choose (Lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals, silver, pearls, gemstones) and teach you how to use crimp beads, Soft Flex and crimp covers for a professionally finished piece.  We will discuss color and composition and common pitfalls when designing with beads.
Class fee $25  Kit fee approx. $40, depends on the project you choose to make
April 2  10-2 or April 30  10-2
Pearls and Leather
In this class you will learn how to make the freshwater pearl and leather bracelets that everyone is wild about!  We will discuss how to safely drill freshwater pearls with big holes for threading onto leather and how to knot and finish the bracelet.  Several different bracelet patterns are offered for you to choose from.
Class fee $30  Kit fee $40
April 4  10-2
Flower Garden Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
This is a relatively simple right angle weave bracelet in two layers.  Simple enough for beginners, we will use Swarovski Crystal, seed beads and Soft Flex to create this knockout bracelet. I learned this originally from Carol Hatcher but I have made changes to the pattern that make it easier and faster to finish! Your kit fee includes a beautiful Swarovski crystal sterling silver clasp. You will finish the bracelet and wear it home to amaze your friends!
Class fee $40  Kit fee $45
April 1  1-4p
April 6  5-8p
Recycled Sweater Bag with Kathy Shanteau
Kathy makes these amazing and durable purses out of recycled sweaters!  She provides a very sturdy form to build your purse on and shows you simple hand sewing techniques to put it together.  then comes the fun part, decorations!  Kathy will show you several ways to use recycled felted sweaters to embellish your bags plus simple knitting and crocheted yarn embellishments as well!
Class fee $20  Kit fee $35  Handles and extra embellishment kits are also available for purchase in class. April 24 12-4
Folded/Riveted Metal and Dichroic Glass pendant with Mary Smith
Mary is a master of many media and has done much exploration in metal forming.  "Form folding" metal is easy to learn and allows you to create fascinating dimensions in metal.  We will start with cutting and shaping (shears and file) then hammering, stamping, torching, basic riveting and very simple soldering.  We'll attach (w/solder and rivets) a folded metal bezel as a setting for a beautiful piece of dichroic glass to complete our pendant and finish the piece with a simple hammered and coiled wire bail.  Take home handout with step by step instructions will be provided.
Class fee $45  Kit fee $30
April 14  11-3
Acrylic Painting with Dennis Boyce

Dennis Boyce is an accomplished artist in both watercolor and acrylic media.  He is one of our favorite "Bad Boys" and a great teacher.  In this class he will teach his impressionistic acrylic techniques to complete a still life painting.  A supply list will be provided when you sign up for class if you prefer to bring your own supplies for class.

Class fee $40  Kit fee $20
April 17  5-8p
April 17 10-4
 ^ April 19 5-8p ^
 ^ April 29 1-4p or April 3  10-2 ^
 ^ April 20 10-2 ^
 ^ April 7 3-6p ^
Mermaid Art Doll with Ann Welch
This class is true immediate gratification!  Ann brings the doll already sewn and then the students get to decorate and stuff it with her direction.  She helps guide you in painting the face, applying the fabric for the tail, adding hair, headress and other decorations!  Ann is an enthusiastic and fun teacher.  This is the doll I made in class and it was so fun!  
Class fee $40  Kit fee $15
April 13  5-8p
Color Enhancement With Barry Rose
April 30  5-8p

In this class Barry will help you COLOR one of his amazing black and white art prints, MANY to choose from!  In Barry's own words:  "No one ever teaches you how to color!  There is a whole art to it and you can do so much to emphasize different elements of the print"  Looking at Barry's astounding work I saw exactly what he was talking about as I saw the same print colored in an entirely different way.  Barry was at Woodstock!  He is the ultimate cool artist and his prints have all sorts of hidden images and amazing detail.  His work is reminiscent of M.C. Escher's art.
Class Fee $25  Kit fee $50 (18x24 Barry Rose art print!) bring your own colored pencils or crayons!
Glass Flower Ring/Wirewrapping
April 8  1-4p
Make this cute ring with one of Dr. Meow's flameworked Murano glass flowers.  This class is very rewarding and easy!  You will use a ring mandrel to create your ring and learn a simple band wrapping technique to make the ring look finished.
Kit includes sterling silver wire in 2 shapes/gauges and handmade glass flower bead.
Class fee $40  Kit Fee $25

These earrings were inspired by some Alicia Keys had on in a magazine.  These can be mild or wild depending on your style!  We will use sterling silver wire in 2 gauges to make our earrings armature and then wrap Swarovski crystals around it.
Class fee $40
Kit fee $20